Symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Childhood ADD is shown by inattention, irritability, inability to focus, and impulsivity; the same symptoms of adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Adults with ADD most likely had it as children but it went undiagnosed for some reason. It can be as problematic in relationships, family life, and the work environment.Diagnosis of ADD in adults is done in a similar manner as for children. The adult is tested for the ability to follow directions, complete tasks, sustain their attention especially at meetings at work or connecting to their families. They will most likely have a complete physical that includes tests to show how their brains function, to search for disability.The adult will likely be interviewed with some questions regarding their school experience when they were young and how they felt about it. Their grades will be talked about as well. A lot can be deduced from these interviews.A family member such as a spouse would be interviewed for an adult as opposed to parents. They can tell the examiner what the adult subject is like at home. There be some discussion with a supervisor.An adults treatment would also be similar. Medication might be recommended, counseling (behavior therapy) might be suggested, and a healthy life style is urged. Stimulants are given to adults as well and have some of the same side effects (sleeplessness, irritability, loss of an appetite, or depression). The adult liver can be affected as well.Stimulants are no less addictive for adults than they are for children. If taken for a long time the adult is more likely to have substance abuse issues or suffer with depression. Adults who want to avoid the stimulant side effects can look for natural remedies that would meet their needs.Nutritional supplements consisting of herbs, botanical extracts, as well as vitamins and minerals, treats ADD symptoms well and they are safe. A healthy diet and physical exercise will also help the adult to slow down and focus. Relaxation and meditation also will help an adult to focus better.Symptoms of adult Attention Deficit Disorder while being similar to those of children, may not be as recognizable. The testing and diagnosis process is very similar as well. Adults with ADD most likely have had it since they were children. It can be successfully managed with natural supplements and a healthy lifestyle.If as an adult you are diagnosed ADD you should know that you are not alone. You weren’t lazy in school, your ability to focus may have kept you from doing your best. Most importantly, and this is for children as well, it is not your fault.