A Stalled Sex Life Could Be Bad for Your Health – Get The Passion Back With These Tips!

There are so many things that can stall out a man’s sex life like an old jalopy on an LA highway. There are work and kids and breakups and in-laws and home repairs, and… the list goes on. Not only is it sucking the joy of sex out of your life, but it’s also affecting your health. Let’s talk about some issues that can arise from a dry spell and how to get the fire back in your bed.You’re more prone to colds and the fluFewer tumbles in the sheets mean less of immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is the body’s first line of defense against invading viruses. According to a recent study out of Wilkes-Barre University, having sex just once or twice each week can boost IgA by 30 percent! Save your sniffles and get to bumpin’ uglies.Anxiety increasesSex is one of the best ways to destress and blow off steam. The brain releases pleasure chemicals like endorphins and oxytocin, which relaxes even the most savage soul. It also helped with stress-inducing situations like public speaking. There you go – the next time you have to address the boardroom, squeeze in a quickie beforehand.Relationship insecurities start to rear their ugly headLack of sex not only makes a man unhappy, but he can start to doubt his partner’s interest and commitment. This can cause anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, and breakups.Prostate cancer risk risesA recent study showed that men who ejaculate no less than 21 times each month experienced a 20 percent reduction in risk for prostate cancer.Erectile dysfunction risk increasesIt’s a use it or lose it situation. No, it won’t fall off, but men who don’t have sex all that often are twice as likely to get erectile dysfunction as men who do the wild thing once a week or more. The penis is a muscle, after all.How to Make Sex a Priority1. Do you know people that schedule sex, and you think, “Well, that doesn’t sound like fun.” On the contrary, these are people who are making sure they get it on. One thing though, don’t use the words “plan” or “schedule” since it makes it sound like sex is a chore like washing the dishes or cleaning the shower. Instead, extend an invitation to your partner like, “After dinner tonight, let’s have some dessert… in the bedroom.”2. Pay attention to your partner. How do affairs usually start? Overwhelmingly because partners don’t pay attention to each other, and someone else does. Have a mandatory time that cell phones and screens get turned off each day to make sure you’re connecting. You’ll probably see an increase in intimacy.3. Commit to being sexual with your partner. It’s what separates you from being just a friend or roommates. Make it a priority and talk about your current sex life and talk about what works and what needs some work.4. Get flirty and stoke the fire before you get horizontal (or vertical). Some couples get so caught up in the ho-hum day-to-day stuff that they forget they used to be really into their partner. Sent texts suggesting certain acts or send pics that will get your partner excited.5. Change it up! No one wants to do the same Tuesday night missionary forever, so take it up a notch. Have sex in different places in the house, at a hotel, in the car (but be careful), change positions, set a different mood, or add an adult toy or two to the fix. Most of all, have fun with it!How to Keep Your Penis Ready for Sex at the Drop of a Hat (or Pants)When trying to amp up your sex life, be sure to take good care of your penis. Nourish and protect it with a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to make your lil’ buddy strong and hard. Start using it now; your Johnson is going to be getting a workout soon enough!

Defining Anonymous Sex Addiction

The word “anonymous” these days is often taken to mean completely unknown or without identity. When speaking about sex addiction, however, the word carries various meanings and connotations.When a sex addict engages in anonymous sex, it does not necessarily mean they know nothing of their partner. For the purposes of this discussion, anonymous sex can refer to what is commonly called “hooking up,” or a “one night stand.” People meet for a sexual encounter and once the act is completed they part ways, possibly never to see each other again outside of casual social situations.Extreme forms of anonymous sex can fit the common definition of the word quite accurately. There are clubs and other places that facilitate strangers meeting for sex. Names are not exchanged and in some cases, the people do not even see each other, the sex act being completed through a curtain or hole in the wall. Called a “glory hole,” they are often found in lavatories or adult video arcades.The activity does not need to involve physical contact. The people involved can watch each other perform sex acts, and one may be a paid sex worker. An addict involved in this sort of behavior, like any other sex addict, is acting compulsively and doing it to avoid negative emotions. The behavior may be illegal, as well as a severe health risk or financial drain, yet these people continue it because of their addiction. It is the level of intimacy that defines where addiction to anonymous sex differs from other sex addictions.Pornography and masturbation are typically solo affairs and do not generally involve any level of social interaction. Phone sex and cybersex offer a heightened level of social involvement but physical contact does not occur. Anonymous sex as described above offers physical contact while lowering the social components to the bare minimum. This appeals to sex addicts who may feel they lack social skills or are ashamed of themselves in some way, whether it be their bodies or personality. The addict seeks physical sexual contact but not social contact. It may also simply be a method of keeping their identity secure should the behavior have public or familial ramifications.Anonymous sex, as stated above, includes brief sexual encounters where little to no emotional connection is made. These encounters can range from a few minutes in a private area, or they can be the more stereotypical one night stand scenario. It’s also not uncommon for these relationships, to the extent they can be called that, to last a day or two or lead to other sexual encounters. Anything beyond a day or two, however, is not considered anonymous sex addiction. The distinctive factor in sex addiction remains that the relationship is about physical sex with no other type of connection apparent.This issue can involve or lead into other forms of sex addiction. A person may enjoy the seduction aspect of the anonymous hookup and be addicted to that, or use the Internet to arrange sexual encounters, keeping their knowledge of the other person’s identity to a minimum. In any case, the addict is trying to avoid an emotional connection, and over time this can stunt their ability to form such bonds.

Tips For Picking Out Quality Cabinet Hardware

When selecting cabinet hardware for your kitchen or bath you should first determine if your cabinets have existing holes in them. If you have existing holes drilled you will need to make sure your new cabinet hardware will fit in the holes. For example if your cabinets are drilled for cabinet pulls you will need to measure the distance between the holes. The new pulls will need to match your existing conditions. If you have single holes drilled in your cabinets you may have to use knobs in this situation as pulls normally require two screws and may not end up in the correct location on the cabinet door or drawer. Most cabinet pulls have a 3 inch screw hole spacing. However, pulls can come in many other dimensions. If your cabinets are brand new chances are they do not have holes drilled in them. In this case you have many more options.

When selecting cabinet knobs and pulls you should take into account the size of your doors and drawers to make sure the hardware you choose will fit. Most cabinet hardware is packaged with a standard size screw. You should measure the thickness of your cabinets to make sure the screws in the package will work for your condition. If the screws are to long or short you can purchase screws separately at any home improvement store.

When installing cabinet hardware on new cabinets I would suggest purchasing a template to help you locate the screw holes on your cabinet doors and drawers. Templates can be ordered online from most sites that sell cabinet hardware. The template will help you mark your cabinets before drilling screw holes. Before you measure use masking tape so you can mark the cabinets with a pencil. The tape will also protect the finish of the cabinets.Drill holes using a drill bit that is 1/16 of an inch larger than the diameter of your screws. Take your time when drilling holes. Do not push to hard or you could damage the cabinets when the drill bit comes out the back side of your door or drawer.

Popular brands of cabinet hardware include Amerock, Top Knobs, Dynasty Hardware, Jeffrey Alexander and Hickory Hardware. There are others but these brands offer affordable options. Check the internet for deals on cabinet hardware. Ordering your hardware over the internet is easy. There are several sites where you can view the various styles and designs. You can always order just a few pieces to make sure they are what you want before placing your order.

Cabinet hardware does vary in quality. Here are some things to consider when judging the quality of the hardware. Do the knobs or pulls have hollow backs. Most quality cabinet hardware is solid. Look at the finish. Does the manufacturer offer a warranty on the finish. Most quality cabinet hardware is made of zinc. Other metals include brass or bronze.

When shopping for cabinet hardware, consider the design of your kitchen. Are you going for a modern look or a traditional look. Do you want your cabinet hardware to match the finish of your other fixtures, like faucets or lighting fixtures. Choose a finish that will contrast with the finish of your cabinets. Do not be afraid to be bold. Have fun and enjoy your new hardware.